Sunday, December 29, 2013

We Are Still "Waiting For One More Knight"

When we named our blog “Waiting for One More Knight,” we couldn’t have anticipated where that title would take us.  The adoption of our baby, Mez, propelled us toward a road less traveled (and one we never imagined).  Our family doubled in size in less than 4 years.  Now as a family of 9, I’ve debating changing the name of our blog…(but wondered why when I rarely even blog).  And it felt like changing the name would imply that we’ve told God we are closing our hearts and homes to any more children.  I suppose we will continue as “Waiting for One More Knight.”

Truth be told, we’ve been very guarded in sharing the path ahead of our family.  It’s hard to be vulnerable and share what we anticipate won’t be understood and might seem reckless. But here goes:  God is changing our family again.  We have another son.  One in Ethiopia.  One waiting.  One more son that God is going to bring home.  So once again, we are waiting for one more Knight.