Wednesday, February 29, 2012

T Minus 1

T Minus 1 and here we are.  For those of you unfamiliar with the adoption proceeding in Ethiopia, I’ll provide a very pithy rundown.  Court consists of a few parts.  1. Adoptive Parents appear before the judge and acknowledge their acceptance of the child/children they hope to adopt.  2. Birth family legally relinquishes their rights to said child/children.  3. Child/children, if older, appear before the judge and acknowledge their desire to be adopted (and understanding of adoption).  4. MOWYA issues an opinion regarding the adoptive parents’ request to adopt.  Finally, when all the pieces are collated, the Ethiopian government legally recognizes the adoption. 

Great news arrived this afternoon.  2 of the 4 parts for our case are complete.  Tomorrow, the trio appears before the judge.  You may join us in praying for the Lord to cast out all fear as they trudge a new road without parents around to encourage them.  Pray God tills their hearts to readiness for us, their new family.  Pray, also, that MOWYA issues an opinion on our case tomorrow.  We consider ourselves blessed beyond belief for the prayers from friends and family as the hour of court approaches. 

Defender, Little Mum, and Wanderer, our fearless trio, we are waiting!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

T Minus 2

T Minuus 2 and counting for our official court date of March 1. All the papers are in place. The trio's birth family is preparing for their official and permanent relinquishment. And as our family prayerfully readies our hearts for the word "they are yours", we are also grieving. Our hearts will always ache for our birth family's loss. We lament over the culture our trio will leave behind. Are hearts are burdened with the realization our children are leaving behind all they know for a foreign land and new family of strangers. Any adoptive parent could write this post...we share a bond of bittersweet. We share the bond of pain in joy and loss in gain. Aching but praying. Can't wait to hear the words, "Congratulations, they are yours."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Because You Asked

It’s official.  Our adoption will appear before the courts of Ethiopia on March 1.  We are anxiously waiting for the next step in this process to come and go...and hopefully with a positive opinion.  Although we do not anticipate any issues, we are well aware that this is a wild journey, and bumps along the way are common nuisances.  Please, feel free to ask if we passed, when we will be submitted to embassy, and when our family will finally be together.  I promise not to bite or blog about you if you do.  Because you asked, we wanted you to know and pray for our court date.