Thursday, May 19, 2011

The New Happy

I remember the first day I held Mez just like it was yesterday.  I remember that round, roly poly baby lying in my arms staring up at me.  I remember those deep, dark eyes peacefully peering into my heart and his sing-song cooing.  I don't remember when that precious baby morphed into a squawking, squealing, slapping, and scowling toddler.  But that is us.  The new happy is MAD.  MAD MEZ.  

I know I've had three other toddlers.  I know at least one of them was, well, awful.  I know I'm supposed to remember this, but I just don't.  Maybe it's because Mez's face says it all.  You can read this boy like a gossip magazine at the checkout line.  There is no hiding his emotion.  Take a look for yourself.

In spite of the daily explosive emotions, Mez, you are all the better for your vim and if we can just harness it for good.  Mama is tired!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thinking about It Doesn't Get It Done

I've been thinking about blogging.  I've dreamt about blogging.  I've constructed blogs in my sleep.  Blogging in my dreams, considering my next post, and scripting my script just doesn't get it done!

My problem is not desire.  My problem is not topic.  My problem isn't the words.  I have a problem called time!  Time to shower, time to bathe, time to fix my hair, time to put on makeup, and time to blog were demoted to the B List.  I'm incessantly consumed with things greater.

Things like this:
Napping with Mez
Or this:
Playing with Kids
Even some of this:
Cuddling with my girl
Loving some of this:
Watching my boys goof
AND finally, getting some of this:

Mez fell asleep in my arms, finally!

Sorry, I'm not blogging routinely.  I've just decided to live in the moments of each day and attempt to sleep at night, when I usually blog.  I'm going to get back on my blog horse...and ride when time allows.