Friday, March 25, 2011


ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES hits a high note in my books.  Why?  Simple, free, and effective awareness for those in need can’t be beat.  To make it even easier for you to get involved, just stay tuned in for the next 10 days.  Hopefully, you will be inspired to adapt an idea for your own ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES.


1.  Host a playgroup at a local park.  Ask all the participants to come barefoot.
2.      2.  Meet a group of friends at a local café.  Raise a row as you enjoy your favorite joe or grub without           your shoes.
3.      3.  Run all of your errands unencumbered by the restraint of traditional footwear (don’t forget to leave a pair in the car).
4.     4.  Shoes, shoes everywhere and not a pair to wear?  Give away your extra, unnecessary shoes, which are in good shape, to a local shelter.
5.     5.  Research ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES with your kids.  Explain to them the significance of not owning any shoes and how this affects millions of children and women around the world.  Don’t forget to share a bit about different languishing countries.  Remember our kids think all streets are paved, all cities have sidewalks, and that sewage is contained in toilets and pipes.
6.     6.  Valet shoes.  Approach a local business.  Ask them if you can offer a free valet of shoes for their customers when they arrive.  Track shoes with a simple number system.  Assign and give each pair and owner a number when their shoes are dropped.  Return them accordingly.
7.     7.  Create a contest amongst your friends and family.  Offer an award for the person who raises the most awareness, affects the most publicity, or gets the most creative.
8.     8.  Put up flyers, handout stickers, chalk the sidewalks for ODWS, and post ODWS to social media from now until April 5th.  If you need any, email me.  I will send a download to you.
9.    9.   Get permission to attend school without shoes (or for your children to). 
10 10. Ask your sports team to practice barefooted on April 5th.

I’d love to hear your plans (unless you want to keep them secret and wait for your big reveal)!  Inspire each other.

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