Sunday, April 3, 2011

Free Cup of Joe if you Go with Naked Feet and Piggy Toes

I love a good cup of coffee.  Truth be told, it's not joe, it's espresso I crave.  I make buna (Ethiopian coffee) almost every morning, and the other mornings I complain.  And I complain because I love a steamy, piping-hot, bold roast, almost thick cup of espresso from beans, which are freshly roasted in my kitchen, over my gas flames, and ground by hand in the morning the sprinkled with just the right touch of cream and stevia; but do you know how long it takes to get that cup in the morning?  See, you understand the complaint.

Since my Tuesday is packed full of shoeless events like piano and voice lessons, gymnastics lessons, t-ball practice, and a track meet, I will not have time to make my buna.  I thought, Tuesday is the perfect day for a perfect cup of joe.  You and I, we should go.  Yes, let's.  Yes, let's do.  Just us.  Me and You.  Let's meet at Cafe Tazza for your favorite morning treat.  Oh yes, there is a little catch.  It only works if you are barefooted, TOO!


Where:     Cafe Tazza
When:     10-11:30 (come and go as you please)
Who:       Why, you.  You and I, of course.
Why:        To Raise Awareness and To Celebrate
Attire:       Naked Feet and Toes
What:       Free "coffee drink" of your choice (on me).

Blogging Barefooted,

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