Monday, February 8, 2010

Update, Update...Read all about it!

We live knowing one day our son will be home! BUT we love the glimpses Gladney gives us into who he is and what's going on in his world! So, enjoy the update Gladney shared with us:

"__________________ was pretty chill today. He quietly observed me as I
held him and talked with him for a while. However, his quiet manner
today didn't prevent the smiles from spreading across his face from
time to time. If you can say anything about this baby, you can say he seems to take
things in stride and to have an easy-going manner. He's a delight to
visit with and the caregivers love to "oo" and "ahh" over him."

Seriously, can you believe they gifted us with the best baby in all of Ethiopia? If Josh and I had dreamt up a baby, he wouldn't have been this perfect. We love you little Guy.


  1. adorable!!! i feel so blessed to be with Gladney. some agencies don't even do updates! can you imagine??? i totally ((heart)) Gladney!!!

  2. praying tomorrow brings great news!!

  3. thinking about you and hoping for great news tomorrow!