Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Gotcha Day!

Dear Western World,
So sorry our correspondence lacks greatly. It is not an indication of our love for you or our longing for our loved ones. The Internet is difficult to come by. The extra time I have is spent loving on our newest, most perfect gift from above. Easter Sunday at 1:15 p.m., Mezekir entered our arms and forever family. I cannot tell you how well God scripted our meeting. Our family enjoyed our Easter lunch on the lawn at the BeJoe Guest House. As we sat outside BeJoe, we could hear the passing traffic from Bole Rd. We knew Travis planned to bring our son to us. I suppose I thought I could determine "the car". Thousands of cars frequent the street, so there was no distinguishing each passing car from Travis' car carrying our love. Finished with lunch, we took up a game of tag and foot racing in the lawn. The beep of a horn begged entrance from the guard of BeJoe. Without much warning, a white Land Cruiser pulled into BeJoe's parking lot. Immediately, the family rushed together. Tentatively, we walked down the stairs toward the car. None of us were sure if we should wait or rush Travis, who was driving. Travis rather cavalierly pulled the pudgiest, perfect baby boy from the back seat. Mezekir was "chill"...just as Gladney so often described him. He looked at us. We all stared at him. Years of waiting didn't prepare us for the moment. I'm sure not an eye was dry when we finally got him into our arms. I don't think anyone has actually died of dehydration due to crying, but I made a decent attempt to be the first. Mezekir is every ounce of 18 lbs. His lips are full. His cheeks are fuller. His deep brown eyes warm up a room. And everyone comments on the tuft of hair atop his round head. Travis handed this perfect baby to me. It was like the moments after birth, when you've labored so long, anticipated each moment, and finally the small, precious child you've waited for arrives. This scenario offers too many opportunities for disappointment. There wasn't a moment of that here. Mezekir easily transitioned into our brood. All of the Knights and Brookshires showered him with love. He didn't seem overwhelmed. Instead, his little mouth curled up perfectly on the edges, and he smiled for the first time in our arms. My only regret was the absence of those we love, who seem to belong at these life changing moments.
We delighted in the remaining moments of the afternoon. Mezekir hung with us on the lawn while we played; he visited all the laps available, and he smiled and giggled his way into our first evening. He is the easiest baby the Knight family has ever seen. By rubbing his eyes at 7:00, he let us know he was ready for bed. he laid down easily in his crib. He slept until 4:00 when he wanted a bottle. Mezekir went back to sleep immediately. He naps without protest. He whimpers and makes sucking noises for a bottle. He readily accepts bedtime. REALLY EASY BABY...FINALLY!
Over the last few day, Mez has become more accustomed to his family. During a game of peek-a-boo, he laughed for Ann-E and I. When his burly, big brothers come into the room, he wriggles in delight and squeals. We went to the Gladney foster care house #1 on Monday to see the doctor. We had to leave him there for a few hours. When I came back and he saw Mommy, he cried as I turned away from the crib to snap a picture of a friend's baby. He really is adapting well to this idea of family. I'm sure he will have moments of protest, too; but now, he is simply a delight and happy to be loved. God's faithfulness is clear. So many prayed for our trip and our transition. We can see HIM at every step. I love to see the Lord at work.
Thank you to each of you. Please, continue to lift us up. Josh departs for America tonight. Hunter leaves for a safari in Tanzania tomorrow. I don't like my guys being stripped away from my side. It is necessary though. And it only offers more opportunity for me to find God sufficient. Pray for health. Pray for strength in parenting four while Josh is away. Pray for Josh's heart as he is apart from those he loves. Mostly, please, pray for those who care for us on a daily basis, that we might be a light to their lives. Our greatest desire is to see them know the Lord fully and intimately.

Many Moments of Loving Thoughts to You and Yours,
The Knights, 6 strong


  1. Oh, Yes, yes, yippeee! I could not read the words fast enough!!! Beautiful, beautiful baby boy! How overjoyed we all are to see you in these loving arms!! Thank you, Gracious Lord, for letting Your Almighty, yet oh so gentle, hand be seen!!

    Love ya'll! Susan & the Everetts

  2. Oh Lori...there isn't a dry eye reading this post! At least I know there isn't one at this computer! :) How exciting!

  3. He is precious! Emailed with Genet today and I told her to tell you hi! :)

  4. This is so great! Congratulations!!! We just got our referral today- would you be able to snap some pix of our baby too while you're there? Email me: and I can give you the details!! 3 month old baby E in Care Center #1 (born 12-25)
    Praise The Lord!! Adoption is AMAZING!

  5. Love all of you so much!! I scrolled through the pictures on Flicker a hundred times, you all look so beautifully happy. Wish we could have been there with you but so grateful for technology that allows us to share in your joy too. Thank you Lord for the gracious gift of Mezekir Knight. Hugs and love from all of us. xx

  6. So exciting! I was on the yahoo group earlier and saw that you will be in Ethiopia for a month! We just got back in September with our son and we are in the process again. We met a precious girl at Kechene who we are adopting! She does not know yet until all finallized :) I would love for some pics! my email is
    Hope to hear from you! We are going through gladney again too! our blog is