Saturday, April 3, 2010

Only One More Night Waiting for One More Knight

Thanks to the recommendations of Ms. Donna in Tyler, Texas, we are searching out an original dinner of caterpillar salad and hippo burgers (true story). Although the foods we are eating are not as uncommon as Ms. Donna may believe, we are expanding our pallets. Last night, Baby Tiger (Preston) cried for raw red bell peppers, raw carrots, grapes without seeds, and cottage cheese (his standards at home). Instead, he had to settle for some heavily coriander, cumin, and cinnamon seasoned chicken from a spit and curried vegetable soup and a "cheese sandwich" with a strong edam cheese. This morning we enjoyed the lovely buffet breakfast the Sheraton offers. Preston looked at his egg whites and cried, "They just aren't like at home; these are different but good." Emphasis was placed on the different, not good! Hunter and Josh have yet to complain about the foods. They LOVE the diversity and adventure. Today, we may splurge for a snicker bar; these are at least packaged like Texas snickers.

We headed to the market again today. Because tomorrow is Easter, we bought traditional white Ethiopian dresses and pants to wear to church. Our menagerie always stands out. It's better to blend in. We are trying our best. But loud, white Texans inevitably stick out in a crowd. Yesterday at the market, our group of foreigners was obvious to all around. A grandmother spotted Paula. She handed her granddaughter to Paula. The lovely, little lady was about 2 or 3. Paula loved on her. When it was time to depart, the little girl cried. She wanted to stay in Paula's arms. I'm sure she sensed the love of Christ emanating from Paula. The grandmother begged Paula to take her. The little girl would have easily agreed to the grandmother's plan. Paula's heart broke. She had to hand the little girl back to the grandmother as the girl protested. Who wouldn't want Paula to be their mother? Today at market, we visited many vendors. Solomon, our driver and friend, acted as our negotiator for prices. He's such an asset for MANY reasons. He's kind. He's protective. He's generous. He loves our kids and loves on us! He's another one of God's blessings. We will miss him dearly.

After market, we went to get some formula. Mezekir has been on Ethiopian formula. Since we are here for such a long time, we believe it best to allow him to continue on with this familiarity. The market was small and decently stocked but not to American standards. I believe if an American were to walk into their supermarket with it stocked like the market here, we would obsess over lack of food and begin rationing. Not here. Each person is grateful for the amount of food they need. People do not hoard. Tomorrow we become a forever family. I believe we are to meet at the BeJoe house at 1:00. I can't believe after years of waiting, months of knowing a name and face, we will finally be together. I'm longing to hold Mezekir. God will sustain me for another 18 hours; I am sure! Bon Voyage to a family of five. Hello sixth Knight. Truly waiting for one more night for one more Knight.


  1. Hanging on every word, longing to be there myself!

    Can't wait to read the next report!!

  2. So exciting!! It's just shy of midnight here, so it's already about 9am there, right? If so, you're just a couple hours away from the big moment! I can't wait to hear about it on here tomorrow night! Little Mezekir, you don't know what's about to hit you, but you will LOVE it!

  3. Praying, praying, as are soo soo many! Cannot wait to see the next post... !! Much love, dear friends!

  4. Eric and I have been eagerly reading your blog each day and praying for your family! Can't wait for the next post!!!!