Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mezekir Meets the Beach

Sea Island is beautiful beyond belief. The homes are lovely, the landscaping gorgeous, the people are enjoyable, the beachcombing cannot be matched, and were I to order up weather, this is what I would request for a beach trip. We are enduring the rather milky, murky water and brown sand. Mezekir is not enduring anything. He loves all of it: the waves breaking on the sand where he is sitting, the sand, which he aptly puts in his mouth, the birds' noises as they fly overhead, the warm sun combined as it fights the breeze from the sea, and the pool, where we go to escape from the salt water. He is quickly acquiring a taste for American lifestyle and luxury. The Club environment lends itself to the feel of the 1950's or a movie set. Gentlemen walk around in sport coats and slacks; the ladies sport classic styles. Josh is not here, but he jokes it reminds him of Dirty Dancing. It reminds me that regardless of how luxurious and full of beauty and convenience the trips God allows us, my hole for Ethiopia, the simplicity, the kindness of my friends over the Atlantic, the fullness of a culture steeped in tradition cannot be filled except by His presence.

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