Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TB doesn't stand for Too Boring (but with this post it should)

Before we left Ethiopia, Belay asked us to remind our pediatrician that Mezekir received a BCG vaccine for TB.  The significance of this vaccine is that a child will usually show a false positive on the TB skin test.  Mez did have his skin test administered, and the results read at 12+.  Because this was above the "norm" and indicates the presence of the TB virus, exposure to TB at some point, or was indicative of the BCG, the office suggested a T-Spot.T test to be preformed and a chest Xray.  We are appreciative they advocate this as opposed to an immediate dosing of INH.  Too many clinics suggest a child do a 6 month to 9 month regimen of meds to combat the "TB" that may or may not exist.  Mez's chest Xray did not show any signs of active TB (we were not surprised).  The T-spot test results will be out for 5-7 days.  This process was not so dramatic until you factor in the 7 (yes 7) viles of blood to administer all of the other tests which our ped requested.  This allows titering for immunizations (because this momma refuses to re-immunize if not necessary; yes, our ped called me Jenny McCarthy...please), STD panels (which I was assured were routine when living in an orphanage in a foreign country), and the TB test due to our BCG vaccine.  Poor fella screamed like never before.  Since we had already attempted a blood draw last Wednesday, I brought along Daddy for backup.  I am glad!  The nurses were, too.  All that to say, today was not Mezekir's favorite day.  We will be glad when this is over.  After 93 days of working to attach and bond, we hope Mez is quick to forget today and remember the 92 prior.

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  1. During Larry's paramedic days, he was exposed to TB & had to do 6 months of the meds afterward. He'll forever have to do a chest Xray (vs. the skin test) because of it. A real pain in the neck, but do-able. Praying that all of Mez's tests come back perfectly normal!