Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pray Her Home

About three years ago, we officially began the adoption journey to Mez.  When we began our journey, we entreated God to surround us with like minded people in our community who would walk a similar road.  Little did we know that at that same point some of our dear friends had already begun their journey to an adoption from Ethiopia.  Three years and two children later, due to events which can only be credited to God, they still await the placement of their "Princess Ethi."  

The Ethiopian adoption process continues to slow.  Our friends have been caught in the web of delays that is characteristic to IA.  Outside of a miracle, it looks like the road to placement is still months away.  None of these circumstances are within their control; but I was reminded earlier today by my 5 year old "all things are possible for God."  Preston is right.  All things are possible for God.  

Because all things are possible for God, I am asking you to join me in praying Princess Ethi home.  Please, pray specifically for these things: 1.  All of their paperwork would remain current as the process continues AND that it would be exactly as the ET courts desire.  2.  God would supernaturally intercede and move their court date forward ahead of its scheduled date (He can.  It happens.  Ours did).  3.  A positive opinion by all parts of the ET courts.  4.  Our friends would receive an embassy date before those other families waiting on a date (sorry if this means you.  i love you, too; but their road has been so long.)  5.  No investigation by US Embassy would be necessary (as has become custom in ET).  6.  Pray that each day apart from their daughter, God would continue to soften the heart of their daughter toward her family, so when she is in their arms it would be as natural as if they had always been together.  7.  Pray for Princess Ethi's separation from the only home she's ever known.  Pray for those in ET, who love and care for her daily.  

I'm setting my alarm for 2:00 p.m. each day as a reminder to pray.  Would you join me?  Princess Ethi is long overdue.  

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