Saturday, June 11, 2011

What is LoPa?

I realize many of you may read "LoPa" on my blog but may not know who, what, or why LoPa exists.  With LoPa's return trip only hours (36 but who's counting) away, I thought you might appreciate the journey to LoPa and pray for God's plan for LoPa's future. 

In spring of 2010, God weaved together the lives of three women in an undeniable way.  Within weeks of one another, the Andrews and the Knights traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to meet their newest children.  The Brookshires accompanied the Knights, their dearest friends.  They dare not miss out on the arrival of their friends’ youngest son, whom they diligently prayed for during the process of bringing him home.

The Andrews chose adoption.  Although they considered pregnancy, the Andrews few unsuccessful attempts without medical intervention reassured them of God’s plan for them.  Never did they doubt God had children for them.  They only wondered where God would lead them to find their children.  Lindsey sponsored a boy in Ethiopia. In her heart, this young man was her son.  He took up residence there.  She loved him.  She felt sure someday, he would also take up physical residence in her home; but he is still in Ethiopia.  This encouraged the Andrews to pursue older siblings and taught them family does not mean location.  They were matched with a sibling group.  Ruta and Alazar’s adoption screams of God’s sovereignty and confirmed they had heard God’s call.  Lindsey continues to pine for her son in Ethiopia and advocates for all those left behind.

Josh and Lori Knight lost 4 pregnancies after their second child due to a genetic issue.  Lori never expected another child through pregnancy, yet God gave them a third, biological son AND granted them the insatiable desire to grow their family through adoption.  God used painful losses to light a fire in the Knights hearts for orphans.  Their fourth child, Mezekir, is their first Ethiopian son.  His placement waylaid their hearts for the most needy in Ethiopia.  While in Ethiopia, Lori realized how many children she was leaving behind…children she couldn’t forget.

Paula has been termed “a mother to all.”  Though Mark and Paula Brookshire have not yet adopted, they are familiar with the beauty and impact of adoption.  Years of infertility coupled with the love of family left the Brookshires yearning.  They knew God’s intention for them to grow a family was not through fertility measures.  As their heart opened toward adoption, God miraculously gifted them with two biological daughters.  The stirring God placed in their hearts due to infertility propelled them into equipping others to adopt, advocating for the least of these, changing the lives of orphans around the globe, and remaining prayerfully open to an adoption of their own.

Ethiopia captured the hearts of Lindsey, Lori, and Paula.  God impressed on each woman the beauty of Ethiopia and the hope and joy deeply rooted in the culture despite the needs of the people and the hurt of poverty that coexist. Leaving Ethiopia with their children was bittersweet.  They understood for each of their children, millions of orphans remained in Ethiopia lonely, destitute, and powerless but waiting for hope.  Touching two, three, or four children was not enough.  God called them to more.  Love for orphans and Passion for change sparked action, which birthed LoPa.

LoPa was born of God’s call on these three women. They saw firsthand the possibility of hope amidst poverty and of touching those left behind. By selling high quality products from Ethiopian artisans, LoPa returns profits to established organizations in Ethiopia. These funds feed, educate, trade train, and provide minor medical care for orphans at Korah.  LoPa is surrendered to doing their part in following God’s call to care for the least of these. 

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  1. I'm so glad you explained this. I knew LoPa had something to do w/ the artists you met in Ethiopia, but didn't know what it stood for or where it came from. It could also stand for your names! (Lindsay, Lori=Lo; Paula=Pa)