Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Discord in Perfection

I love family.  The last two days, have been a bit of rapture from our normal chaos.  My older sister and her four children are sharing their last few days as Texans with us before they move off to New York.  I suppose some might think a crew of eight children overwhelming.  They’re right.  But for me it is a boon to my soul. 

There was a point tonight while we were on the lake, and the Sun was setting, and the kids screamed in delight as Josh dragged them behind the ski boat, as Mez perched on the bow of the boat, and as we rocked to Gun’s and Roses… there was that moment when that I really said, “THIS is the perfect moment!”  I want to stay right here.
Cousins tubing.

Sun setting on Lake Palestine while we skied. 

The thought only lasted an instant.   As quickly as it emerged, it burst into a million pieces.  Hiyellum’s face (the boy I met in Korah) interrupted my musing.  The glass house constructed of the American dreams I’ve been sold along the way shattered…yet again.  These are the moments that keep my heart grounded in being more than just a Christian consumer.  It is the disparity in the world of the over priced ski boat on the lake and of the boy living under a tarp next to a hovel and begging only for a home and love that cause a collision of discordance.  

I can’t help but see this sweet face each night and wonder what God has in store for him.  I dare not ask God to relieve me from the weight of this millstone.   It is this burden that reminds me to pray for Hiyellum daily.  The social worker has not been able to locate Hiyellum to discuss and file the necessary paperwork for him to leave Korah and have a foster family.  To the best of my knowledge, he is still living there alone.   

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