Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4th

Amazing day!  We are celebrating freedom in a different way, inaugurating the feeding program today.  We were privileged to see hope in the young and old of Korah.  An elderly man rejoiced, "Before we knew the hope of spiritual rebirth.  Today, we feel physically reborn.  We have been forgotten.  Today, God remembered us.  He sent you to remember us."  The only appropriate response was to testify that all good things come from the One True God.

Seeing the newly built showers and toilets brought tears.  Now, those ridiculed and kicked out of schools (even once sholar-shipped in) due to their stench, can freely attend school.  They rejoiced for a clean plate of food, not scavenged from the dump.  The elderly felt freedom from a lifetime of shame.  Finally, they can engage those they've only watched from the outside.  It's our prayer that the people of Korah will know that true home comes only from Him.

Pray that as their tangible needs are met, their hearts will be open to salvation.  Pray we will have the opportunity to share Christ's love and salvation if even with one person.  Pray that we would be bold but gracious, honest and loving, and testify of Him.  Pray we would only be a transparent vessel for the Spirit to be revealed.  Pray that Satan is struck from chaos and corrupting God's work.

Bound to you by His Blood~

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