Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Because You Asked

It’s official.  Our adoption will appear before the courts of Ethiopia on March 1.  We are anxiously waiting for the next step in this process to come and go...and hopefully with a positive opinion.  Although we do not anticipate any issues, we are well aware that this is a wild journey, and bumps along the way are common nuisances.  Please, feel free to ask if we passed, when we will be submitted to embassy, and when our family will finally be together.  I promise not to bite or blog about you if you do.  Because you asked, we wanted you to know and pray for our court date.  


  1. I will be praying (and of course ASKING) for sure! I can't help myself... You can blog about me if you want to! haha!
    Can't wait to see your next family photo! :)

  2. How exciting! That's not far away!!