Tuesday, February 28, 2012

T Minus 2

T Minuus 2 and counting for our official court date of March 1. All the papers are in place. The trio's birth family is preparing for their official and permanent relinquishment. And as our family prayerfully readies our hearts for the word "they are yours", we are also grieving. Our hearts will always ache for our birth family's loss. We lament over the culture our trio will leave behind. Are hearts are burdened with the realization our children are leaving behind all they know for a foreign land and new family of strangers. Any adoptive parent could write this post...we share a bond of bittersweet. We share the bond of pain in joy and loss in gain. Aching but praying. Can't wait to hear the words, "Congratulations, they are yours."


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    1. Becca-
      Thank you! As you know, prayers is the primer during this journey...keeping us going. We really covet your prayers. Really!

  2. So excited for you!!!

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    1. Thanks, Nikki. BTW, you up for a redo? I'm in bad need. I can email you a few diff ideas.