Monday, June 18, 2012

What God's Been Doing

I believe you know my connection to LoPa Art.  It started as a dream of three mamas, all who loved Ethiopia and wanted to provide food, education, and hope through an awareness of the love of a Heavenly Father to the children of Korah, whom we had come to know and love.

We started funding the program personally and then with the sales from the LoPa art and Yami jewelry, which you bought.  Hands for the Needy, the NGO handling the care of these children in Ethiopia, officially opened last September as an Ethiopian non-profit.  With 60 kids in the program, it was off to a modest start.  These 60 precious children would no longer be defined by their living and scavenging for food and livelihood in a trash dump.  Through many trips and much footwork, HFN began servicing the needy children of Korah.  The work of NGOs is not easy, and Hands for the Needy needed more support and leadership to see this project successful.

As God so beautifully and perfectly does, He interweaved the lives of Children’s Hope Chest staff and LoPa partners.  It became our prayer that He would allow LoPa, Hands for the Needy and Children's Hope Chest to join forces.  Children’s Hope Chest, with their developed infrastructure and strong leadership, seemed the right fit to oversee a project of this level and encourage a passionate Hands for the Needy leadership team.

Now, we are thrilled to announce that it has finally happened.  With this partnership, there are not 60 but over 200 kids enrolled in the Hands for the Needy program!  God’s goodness overwhelms us.

So, here it is:
A chance for you to see.
To write.
To connect your heart to another.
To provide hope and food and education
For only $34 a month.

LoPa will continue to bring you great product.  Our proceeds will continue to fund Hands for the Needy.  Now, YOU can share in this joy!  And as individual sponsors step up and choose to be a part of this program, LoPa will be able to fund bigger projects, building projects, trade training projects...
So for the next couple of posts, I'm going to introduce you to some of the kids (by the way…only 23 remain unsponsored.  ONLY. 23 of 210!)

Meet Tedege.  Why Tedege?  Because I met him the very first day I stepped foot into Korah.  Because he knows the harsh reality of Korah and desires a better life.  Because Tedege’s tenacity astounds me.  Because he’s not broken by his life circumstances.   Because he’s the same age as my oldest son.   I hope Tedege finds sponsorship soon. 

Tedege (in middle) 2010

Tedege 2011.  Hand's for the Needy sponsor child.

To sponsor Tedge or another child at Korah through LoPa, Hands for the Needy, and Children's Hope Chest, click HERE.  (is the direct link)


  1. We will be sponsoring a child for Hands for the Needy! We were in ET in January and my family and I had the opportunity to see their site and serve these sweet children lunch. Besides spending time with our son, our time at Hands for the Needy was by far our best spent time in ET. Love this program and so excited to help in what ever way we can!

  2. JJ-
    How exciting and what an answer to prayers. I suppose I should say only 17 more to go! I'm more than grateful to see CHC and HFN together for the good of children.