Wednesday, June 9, 2010

An Ethiopian Princess

In the adoption circuit, family friends are forged fast and fervidly. People, whose faces you've never seen, take up permanent residence in your heart. Our hearts are tied merely by the miracle of adoption. That miracle is connection enough. While in Ethiopia, we met a beautiful little girl, an Ethiopian princess of sorts. Maritu, as she is known in Ethiopia, boast sparkling, wide eyes and a wide smile, which never tires. Her family lives in NYC. Soon, she will be welcomed into a home with a mommy a daddy and a big sister; but before she can join the ranks, the funds to get her home must be in place. The Francis Family has worked through out their adoption to secure the funds for this expensive process. They are not too far off of their goal. Today, I'm advocating for them, in part, for Maritu, my favorite Ethiopian princess, to be able to come together as a forever family. You can log onto this site:

to donate to the Francis Family. Enjoy the beauty of this little one; she is a doll. Maritu, we are waiting to hear you are in the arms of your family, forever to belong.

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  1. I love that song!! Its great to see you all together!! Its been a year that we have been a family and its been sooo wonderful we are going to do it again...but in 2 more years. I want Jaden to be the baby for awile and get all the attention possible:)
    Congrats and praise Jesus!!