Friday, June 18, 2010

Nine Months

Just a blip:
I remember with our first son being quite annoyed around the 6-9 month mark when he would scream each time I’d leave. Separation anxiety was better termed separation annoyance in our home. I hated the guaranteed bawling, yelping, and wailing that ensued at each departure. In fact, it curtailed much of unneeded socializing. Ahhhhh, but this side of parenting (be it maturing, fourth baby, or adoption) I relish any sign of being “Mommy”. This week, while at Kanakuk Family Kamp, we hit yet another milestone in the area of attachment and bonding. We are rejoicing that our little Meze is crying, screaming, and inconsolable when I take leave. Yes, Meze, our remembered one, we thank you for the gift of protest. So, keep it up. Shriek. Screech. Sob. We love that you ask for us with such definite fervor and desire. We love you. Happy 9 months.

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