Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Familiar Unknown

Just moments ago, the Kuykendalls arrived in Addis Ababa, moments ago.  Really!  I feel like I'm reliving our first trip to Ethiopia to meet our Mezekir, our fourth son.  Over the last hour and 30 minutes, I've catalogued every emotion and each step they should be taking.  I remember disembarking the plane.   I remember the cigarette smoke blanket covering the inside of the airport.  I can see the visa lines.  I hear the quiet chatter of Amharic in the background.  The military with their AK47s still surprise me when I see them in my minds eye.  I recall how the terror of the unknown and large military presence in this strange country is dwarfed by the kindness and gentleness of the people.  In my mind, I pass through customs and grease the palms of the security guard to get through without a hitch.  Then, the sweet, smiling, angelic face of Solomon.  Ahhhh.  Peace.  That face and voice delivers a peace; a peace that let's you know within moments of meeting him that he loves the Lord.  I remember exiting the airport and looking up at the moon through the heavy smog and realizing my little boy was sleeping under the same moon, under the same stars, in the same city, and although within reach...not yet available.  Then Bole road.  The homeless.  The orphans.  The hungry.  The need.  The corrugated tin shacks.  The eyes of one boy starving, cold, orphaned, hungry and alone on the side of the street.  I realize my son could've easily been this boy had God not scripted Meze's life differently.  That moment I inventoried what was happening.  The hope.  The joy.  The pain.  I recall turning into BeJoe House.  I remember the sweet faces I would soon call family.  I remember the fullness of their love from the moment we met.  It as all new but familiar.  I remember feeling at home.  I recall the moment I knew life wouldn't be the same.  I wonder what the Kuykendalls feel right now?  I don't know, but I know the familiar that we are sharing right now half a world apart.  Recalling the emotions, I'm letting the familiarity of it all sink in.

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