Friday, January 21, 2011

The Rest of the Story

Next Friday, after 3 years of waiting, Mark, Marla, Kyle, and Marcus will traverse 3 continents, one ocean, and a few seas to finally meet their "Princess Ethi."  On the 4th of February, they appear before Ethiopia's high court petitioning the courts to rule favorably in the issue of them becoming parents to "Princess Ethi."  

The financial implication of placing their file on hold was substantial.  Ethiopia required all documents, printing, paper-work, and studies to be re-originated.  They have worked tirelessly to raise funds and save.  They are close but need to cover the cost of their second trip to Ethiopia, a trip to the embassy and to bring "Princess Ethi" home.  

My last trip to Ethiopia, I was able to meet their beautiful daughter.  Her large, pensive, dark eyes peer cautiously at newcomers.  Her beautiful tear-drop shaped philtrum and the bow of her lip trembles when she's startled.  By her hesitation to engage visitors, it is clear she's known more life in care than with a family.  Seeing the transient nature of caregivers and other children in her life makes me all the more anxious to do my part of helping her find her way home.  

To celebrate February 14th and the gift of love, we are promoting "recycle love" t-shirts that raise funds for the Kuykendalls.  Recycling your love for an orphan allows you to be a part of orphan care.  Another friend orchestrated this fundraiser.  To participate you can access their blog here or by clicking the "recycle love button" on my sidebar. By purchasing one of these CRAZY CUTE t-shirts, you can help bring "Princess Ethi" home.  The guidelines are below.

1.) The tees are $24.95 each. $4.95 covers shipping and $10 goes to the adoptive family of your choice. The family that sells the most tees will receive an additional $500.00!

2.) Click on the "recycle love button" or the link to the Africaboundandrews.blogspot.  Then, select your t-shirt sizes.  Purchase the shirts through paypal, and LIST THE KUYKENDALLS IN THE MEMO LINE on the paypal memo.

3.) Spread the word!  Please, let people know to place the Kuykendall family name in the memo line of the paypal memo.

4.) The Recycle Love campaign will run from January 21st until February 18th. We will compile the list of purchases and order the tees after the close of business on the 18th of February and tees will be mailed 1-2 weeks after that.

5.) Pray for the Kuykendalls and other adoptive families, who await the arrival of their children!!!


  1. I just ordered 7 for Valentine's Day gifts. I'm recycling love for the least of these.

  2. Posted a link on our blog... Thanks for sharing!!!