Thursday, January 6, 2011

On a Hope and a Dream

     My friend, Emily, didn't always dream of being a mom to 6 children.  Undoubtedly, she didn't know she would parent one with special needs or how those "special needs" would become special gifts that teach and reveal to her more of our LORD.  She didn't always aspire to relieve poverty in remote areas of the world.  However, God used the adoption of their 2 youngest sons as a springboard to bring her, and her family, a new hope and dream...  their roles in bringing HIS hope to a dying world.

     Emily and her family now campaign for funds to bring HOPE to Dube Bute, where her son Eaysu first lived.  You can read more about it here.  Team Alexander, as they call themselves, is holding a drawing with tons of free give-aways next week over here.  LoPa has donated this Leather Flower Cuff:

And this t-shirt:

By re-posting, twittering, or facebooking about their fundraising and drawing (let them know), you, too, will be entered to win these and other amazing FREE products.  To top it off, Team Alexander is offering you an opportunity to join in an event that will make a life-long, life-changing, re-writing the futures of young and old, gospel-sharing impact on the least of these in HIS name.  You can't beat that!  Seriously, check it out.  Let's make a change through a hope and dream He's given.

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