Thursday, January 12, 2012

MY Emo Man

Having children excites all of us, but women in particular seem to revel in the joy of new additions to the family.  Most of the blogs I follow are written by women, who publicly pour out their emotions.  I’m sure men feel these feelings… granted it’s sans the estrogen and progesterone emo surge of “I-am-going-to-rip-off-someone’s-limbs-in-order-to-hold-my-child moments, but surely they experience this?  Right???   And I hate that these strong men, who lead us so well, are so capable of the decorum we as moms seem to lack.  It must be why my heart swelled with pride and the “you, too, moment” when I read the preamble of my husband’s email to our caseworker. 

For every dad that has ever rejoiced in his children, longed for them, or had a melancholy cry over the child/children he anxiously awaits, enjoy!  To each mom, whose heart swells when her husband leads the way into adding to their family, swoons with ardor when he empathetically cries with your children, or stands frustrated at how well he keeps the “waiting” crazies at bay, take a moment to peer into the exposed heart of MY Emo Man.  Little did he know how much it would bless me. 

Dear “K”,

I am completely beside myself that this once far-fetched dream is now REALITY.  It is amazing that God would choose ME to be the dad of THESE three children from the other side of the world.  It is amazing that I would have this privilege. I just wanted to take a moment and tell you THANK YOU for all you have done (as a part of God’s plan) to bring my family together.  You are very good at what you do, and I THANK YOU for paying attention to the details of my adoption (because I LONG to bring them home)…

J. Knight

My newly found EMO MAN can’t know how much I cherish this simple exordium that exposed a part of his usually resolved manner/heart.  Cheers to you, J. Knight.  Cheers!

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