Monday, January 23, 2012

A Picture of our Newest Additions

Tiger painted this picture of his new brothers and sister.  He pulled the picture out of his dreams, so he says;  (He actually saw it in our referral) and he put it on paper to keep his brother, the wanderer,  “in his daytime eyes.”   Tiger is one of the 6 who cannot wait to hug the terrific trio tight in their arms.   Thanks Tiger for loving what is to come!


  1. Wow, what a talented little artist!! Very impressive!

    1. Lisa,
      He's a sweet, little artist. He loves to draw the things he loves...nothing else.

  2. well, I would say Tiger is like the rest of the WOW of the Knights! Those 3 are like the other 6, expressed best with dynamic, living color & of course "outlined"! we all wait with arms wide open.

  3. Marcia,
    Awww, Naw, you are too sweet. Tiger is a wow in every sense.