Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extra, Extra, Read All About it

Extra, extra read all about it!!! Gladney updates their waiting families once a month. I am LIVING for these updates and new pictures. Finally, today we received an update on our newest son. Gladney reports, "________________, It's easy to get a smile out of this little guy. Any form of contact- tickling of little ribs, a smile- causes a wide grin to spread across his face. Today, he was very active as I held him. He reached many times for my face ans spent a lot of time waving his arms happily. A few times, there was almost a Kung Fu motion in the movement of them. I think he might have some predispositions to the martial arts or something of the sort. Who knows? Maybe he's the next Jackie Chan." Gladney's in country workers are darling and witty! Hold him some more, love him some more, kiss him, tell him he's treasured. WE are COMING, not today, but we are coming.

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  1. adorable! :-)

    and your other kids in that pic at the top of your page are just GORGEOUS!!!