Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

A celebration of no small measure is upon us! Our son celebrated his 4 month birthday yesterday in a Gladney foster home in Addis Ababa. "Miraculous moment?" you ask. Yep! Who other than our amazing Father could weave together the lives of family in small town Texas and a young mother in ET? Knowing 70% of the births in ET go unattended, who other than God could put it on this mother's heart to provide care for her unborn son and seek out a hospital for delivery? Who, other than our Lord, could portray such a perfect picture of a parental love so sacrificial as to give the most precious part of oneself? When a young lady in ET was faced with her own limitation, God found opportunity to make Himself known to a her, to little boy, and to a family waiting to love him. As said by Denver Moore, "Our limitations are God's opportunities." Thank you Mr. Moore for reminding us that the limitations of a poverty struck nation offer God opportunity to make Himself known!!! Happy Birthday, Baby-Opia Knight. We are hopefully waiting for God to make ready the day the ocean no longer separates our family.


  1. Our little men are so close in age... Avo's bday was 9/25.. I like the name opia also. Love, J

  2. Our 3 year old began calling him "Baby-Opia" because he couldn't say "our baby from Ethiopia" when he was 2. Now we generally refer to him as "Baby-Opia" since we cannot post names, etc.