Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just Another Answer to our Prayers

I can’t help but think how many times in this adoption God has gone in front of us and answered our prayers.  Some He has answered after months, some after only days, some at the moment they depart our lips, and some before we were even bold enough to voice them.  Today, I was struck by that reality. 

"T"s, our children’s social worker in Ethiopia, is another Ebenezer in our journey.  "T's" heart beats for orphans.  From her own life and family story to her job, her life testifies to her love for the lonely.  T’s care and concern for our trio became so clear during our time in Ethiopia.  Knowing our trio by name, rejoicing in their progress, mourning for each of their struggles, and praying for their future is NOT part of her job, but it is her heart.  She remains the answer to the prayer I’ve offered too many times to count for our children.  “God, provide them one, just one person, in flesh to love them until the day we arrive.  Give our children a person with a heart for you.  A person willing to love the whole part of  my kids, the brokenness and beauty.  Make yourself and your redemption known to them even as they wait through a person, who is a living example of YOU.”  I love knowing that while we are apart, T has been God’s answer to another prayer we prayed so often. 

T returned to work after a vacation and Easter holiday.  She immediately delivered the letter we wrote to our children.  She didn't hesitate to respond:

“This is to let you know that Tsehaye, Hewan and Nigusom were very, very happy to get the letter from their family.  They are very excited to see their family.  They kept asking me when they are going to see them.   Hewan and Nigusom wrote a letter to their family, and Tsehaye has something to say. I will send you a more detailed report  on the session I had with them and the translation of their letter tomorrow.  Also find attached some picture from today.”

The Trio with Our Letter

My Nigusom Writing Back

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