Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's Our Mez-iversary. Two Years!

Sometimes a picture IS worth a thousand words.  Just two years ago, we held our sweet Mez for the first time.  Crazy how it can seem like just yesterday and like an eternity ago…  Enjoy our Mez-iversary photo flash back.

Placement Mobile

Delivery, Delivery

First Family Photo

And, now, here we are, soon to be a family of nine.

Don't Hate Us Cause You Ain't Us (complements of Laura Carlson)
Really, friends, we don’t usually look like this.  We are lucky to be clean…don’t get the wrong impression, please.


  1. Totally cracking up at your caption & comment under the last picture. It is truly a BEAUTIFUL pic! Can't wait to see three more faces in it!

    1. Liz-
      Laura Carlson was laughing and saying that is so NOT your family. When I told her to be nice... She said "Don't hate us cause you aint us." LOL>

  2. Deb-
    Thanks. Truly, not often we are pulled together. Fun to see us all together and all clean and dressed and smiling. Whew! That's a work on its own.