Friday, March 26, 2010

Blessings Along the Way

Blessings Along the Way:

1. Prayer of the Righteous
2. Provision for our needs by friends and family:
snacks, meals, packing helps, errands, more meals, gift wrapping, donated humanitarian aide, phone calls, more meals,packing supplies and travel supplies, fellowship, relationships with low expectations, tears together, bill paying, setting up nursery, picking up our car from the airport, encouragement, more meals, watching kids at CC so I could finish errands
3. Clarity in thought and action during preparation
4. Finances to go abroad and spend time in country with our son
5. Friends/companions for a month abroad
6. Parents to care for our home while we are abroad
7. A place for our dogs to stay and be happy
8. Mezekir's mom's gift handmade with love (lots of love)
9. Notes from friends and family to encourage our hearts
10. Flexibility of Husband's job
11. Taxes completed (thanks to a great CPA)
12. Audits completed (thanks to a great CPA)
13. One more day to prepare, think, and pack
14. God's grace
15. Friendship
16. Ebinizer as a reminder that thus far the Lord has been faithful
17, Finished packing and all bags are under weight
18. Second set of eyes to check and recheck all documents and contact ###s


  1. loving what God is doing in and all around you!

  2. Love you and miss you already! I am so excited for you and can't wait to hear all and hug your neck when you get home... Crud, only your oldest sister would have forgotten to give you your hand made letters and notes when we saw you!!!