Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tomorrow, tomorrow...we're waiting till''s only a day away!

We are waiting again. Our caseworker called. She shared that the judge "was unable to get around to signing off on our case." Everything is in order, and we really don't have any hangups. But we are not dealing with the westernized world here, friends. Things in Ethiopia (and I'm told all of Africa) are far more laid back. They don't stress about the details. It seems our case falls into the category of "details." Supposedly, we are to hear in the morning if the judge was able to get to our case. So tomorrow, tomorrow, we'll hear something tomorrow, IT'S STILL ANOTHER DAY AWAY! Thanks to all of you, who keep lifting us up in prayer. We will be glad to make room for others on your prayer list soon.


  1. What patience you all have! Praying for it to be done with tomorrow!

  2. I am so sorry you were delayed again, but I am glad it was only by one day! I will be praying that tomorrow you will officially be parents to your precious son.

  3. i am so excited for the knights. the song on your blog is perfect for this season of waiting. it is the adopted mommy's labor pains...painful but, hopeful....