Thursday, March 25, 2010

T Minus 3

This is the sweet face, which keeps me going. If you haven't heard, exhaustion is traveling's bed mate; I am sure. We have all become the best of friends. Although I am exhausted, God is providing new strength and restoration every morning. I wish, instead of rushing about and working from rise to rest, that I could pause time and enjoy these last few moments as the family we are, before we add in our missing Knight. As much as I am longing for Mezekir's life with us to begin, I am also a creature of routine. I love the nature of the ease of things as they are and knowing what to expect. With God at the forefront, I am trudging forward and allowing Him to fight the mighty foe of trepidation. When my eyes are set on Him, trusting in His perfect love, all fear is cast out. What a mighty fortress. These last few weeks have felt like a marathon. I've been hit with a lite case of shingles and found a lump on my chest. My doctor is also a sweet, wonderful friend. He has taken much care and time to assure me there is no reason for alarm. I couldn't be any more grateful for his kindness. All the training I thought I'd done is proving to be a little less than what was indeed needed for my own strength to be sufficient. But His sufficiency never fails; another opportunity for growth and change. Thank you, Jesus!

One of the things, which we didn't get notice of until the last week, consuming time is collecting humanitarian aide for organizations other than Gladney. All you PAPs out there, who want to do more humanitarian aide while in Addis, start pursuing it NOW. When you are told you'll be updated closer to time or that you can just find out after you arrive, go ahead and start collecting the items you wish to distribute. Just last week, a friend told us about the Luke Society. They service the poorest of the poor with medical needs. THIS fits the type of organization we wanted to assist from the get-go. I wish I'd had a month to have a medicine drive in our church, school, and community of friends. Many friends and neighbors have donated items to add to our supplies we purchased. What a great way for the body to come together and be the hands and feet of Christ. On a side note, if you are planning a trip to Addis these are other organizations we will visit and assist (you may want to check them out ahead of time): World Vision (to see a child we support), the Fistula Hospital (read the book Hospital by the River), Sabahar, HopesChest orphanages, the leaper colony, Luke Society, Young Life Africa, AHOPE, and all of the Gladney foster care homes and orphanages they support (and the business developed to help aged out orphans). Getting a response from in country personnel is a lengthy process, so don't wait until the last moment. As time is of the essence, I must get going. Cheers!

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  1. Excited for you to meet the lovely folks at Luke Society. You will have an amazing time in ET, can't wait to follow along.