Monday, March 22, 2010


We are at T minus 6 days to take off. And, OKAY, I'm in pack chaos! Thirty days in 10 suitcase for 6 people, near miracle I say. We do have all of our official documents packed and prepared. Our travel is all booked (thanks to Susan Parr Travel). Mezekir is packed. Our humanitarian aide is purchased, but it is awaiting distribution to suite cases to correct bag weight issues. I have started pulling clothing for the children we are taking with us. My counter tops, which are usually spotless and clean, are covered with a variety of items. My list ebbs and flows in a way that could make the best seafarer weary and sssssick. With the help of some dear friends, I'm determined we will finish before by Friday. My comrades have been "copy makers", list makers, errand runners, counselors, suggestion givers, encouragers, snack providers, shoppers, babysitter, and prayer warriors...and a sermon this Sunday on the theology of adoption. Just in the nick of time, someone will arrive with an offer of an extra hand or a hot meal. Truly, without these friends, we would be drowning.

Tomorrow, I plan to hit the store for the remainder of our necessities. Although, I can't imagine taking one more thing. From the sounds of things, it is easy enough to acquire anything you might need in Ethiopia. I'm putting many things back in the drawers, up on hangers, and on the shelf. For the first time in travel history, this family is going with the "less is more" motto. Yes, I am the worlds biggest overpacker (awarded 2007 trip to NYC and last 2 years at Kanakuk family kamp). We will make US diapers fit into our bags. Story has it the diapers there leak a great deal, and that is NOT the re-entry into baby stage of which I dream. Mezekir will have the privilege of continuing on ET formula until hitting state-side. 30 days of formula, not a chance it makes the list. Plus, it's one less thing in his little life to change in the beginning. We are taking only the essentials of clothing, which I assume we will have laundered along the way and in the end leave there.

Confession of first failure for the trip: my AA ticket hold expired while I was waiting on travel confirmation from our agency, Gladney. In a matter of 24 hours, the tickets went from $154/ticket to $670/ticket. The drive from Tyler to Dallas is looking better and better. Well, the good news, I am not obsessing. Instead, looking back at each set back in this journey, it's simple to see God's plan. At each failure, His plans have been perfect and timely. Why would this be different? Today, I may not know the reason He allowed this to progress accordingly; but I'm sure with some God-granted-hindsight, it will be clear that He orchestrated even this.

I haven't made it to bed before midnight in the last week. Thankfully, my loving MD introduced me to a new love...Ambien. That is a good sleep, my friends. So as the Ambien is seeping into the veins, I must bid adieu. I will update before we leave.


  1. so exciting Lori! So, will you meet Mezekir and take him with you on your travels or travel around first, then meet him? I'm curious to see how it plays out. Have a fabulous trip!

  2. Lori, this is such an exciting thing to see happening! Will you be able to update your blog while you're travelling? I'd love to see each step of the way!