Thursday, May 3, 2012

Placement and Fatigue.

Words and fatigue just cannot do our placement justice. I can only say all of my fear and concern fell to the wayside the moment our children jumped into my arms. Immediately, we picked up as though we had been together only hours before. The kids have all meshed beautifully. There are hard moments, like when Tiger desperately desires to engage with Tsehaye, whose English skills match my Japanese. Tiger in true tiger style compensates with what he calls “new Amharic.” Consider 6 year old jibber jabber/banter with Asian-African melded sounds at warp speed which he is sure Tsehaye translates on cue. Well, if that’s hard, I’ll take it! Hard, hum, well… Hewan’s sing-song “mommy” surfaces at least once every 2 minutes when we are in separate rooms and every 25 seconds when together, but really I’m LOVING that! There’s been the jumping on furniture and beds, “what the heck do you want me to do with a flosser”, and shrill squeals of excitement when one little girl realizes SHE gets to walk into the supermarket and hold the hand of her mommy, but again… BLESSED!!! No. It’s not the end of the story. I’m sure there is much hard in store; but I will take today. Blissfully wonderful and ordained!

Sleep has been sparse. I’m fighting jet lag, a toddler on Texas time, and taking a boy or two to tee-tee in the middle of the night. Camp Knight sans rest managed today. So with eyes crossing, I bid you adieu. HOPING to post pics tomorrow night.


  1. Thanks for the update, Lori! I'm loving all of your updates here and on Facebook! HUGS from Texas!

  2. loving the updates. joyful tears for the Knight clan!!!!

  3. You're so right. RIGHT NOW is what matters. Take the rest of the days (minutes, hours...) as they come. For now, enjoy those sweet ones & watch the relationships grow! Can't wait to meet them!

  4. Emotions as large as the oceans swirl within me. So massive they are I cannot write to say what I feel & sense. May all He is be sufficient moment by moment. In all ways & in all times He will be a keeper of His Word.
    You and all the theys called Knights be greatly blessed by Abba with His favor pouring endlessly over you.