Monday, May 14, 2012

VISAs, Baby!

VISAS… Here in Ethiopia, habesha people consider VISAs a greater win than the lottery. Our kids have caught on and couldn’t wait for the moment they, too, could claim theirs.

On my birthday, we trekked to the US Embassy for our VISA interview appointment. When the children caught glimpse of the American flag, they all screamed, “Ameri-ka!” I found it hard to break through their delight, squeals, and laughter to deliver the news this was just a piece of America abroad.

The trio proudly marched into the Embassy, up to the interview window, and delivered their personal request for VISAs at that moment. My smallest habesha with bowed chest and gleaming eyes demanded the clerk recognize his last name as Knight for his pride’s sake. (Insert TEARS as I saw his joy in belonging.) Our appointment ended in only moments and the children and I celebrated their ability to join our family in “Ameri-ka.” HAPPY VISAs day to you, trio of mine.

"V-I-S-A" spells VISA!


  1. Congrats! I guess this means you're back home? How long did you have to wait from passing court to embassy date?

  2. @Zach-
    No we are here until June 4. It's wonderful transitioning slowly. Language. Behavior. Culture...not to mention how much I LOVE Ethiopia. We waited 4 weeks to be submitted and 3 days to pass. Our case was an exception. We were expecting about 5-6 weeks.