Wednesday, May 16, 2012

There Is Such Hope

The children and I hunkered onto the bed as usual for our bedtime routine, but tonight held a special, unexpected treasure of hope. We have been reading through “The Jesus Storybook Bible” by Sally Loyd-Jones along with scripture. The trio always listens intently while thoroughly immersed in the stories. Tonight, we read “Get Ready!” from their story book bible. It is a synopsis of the Israelites return to the Lord during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah, the Israelites’ repentant hearts, and the Lord’s unfailing love and unending promises for them as a nation. In the midst of the story the author inserts a “word” from God to his children, who've been apart from Him for so long:

“I can’t stop loving you.

You are my heart’s treasure.

But I lost you.

Now I am coming back for you.

I am like the sun that gently shines on you, chasing away the darkness and fear and death.

You’ll be so happy-

You’ll be like little calves running free in an open field.

I am going to send my Messenger- The Promised One. They ONE you have been waiting for. The Rescuer.

My middle of the trio caught her breath, and with sheepishly wide eyes, she begged, “Mommy, you and Daddy? You are the Rescuer? You chase dark and fear and dead? You make happy for me and Nigusom and Tsehaye? You and Daddy the ones we waiting for, yes?”

Oh, little one, no. We are only a glimpse, just a glimpse, of the glorious redemption to your story. What sweet words from her heart. How it touched me. My heart ached knowing fear and death have followed her and her brothers; but my joy was far more profound.  I'd yet another opportunity to tell of the truth of real redemption offered to all by the God child, Jesus. She looked with wonder as we discussed Jesus, our Redeemer, God’s sacrifice for all, the promise of true rescue. There is such hope.


  1. Chills! Praise God for the open hearts of children! May we all turn to Him with such open, trusting hearts! May your trio open their hearts to our Rescuer in His time!

    Soon, LORD! Let it be soon!


  2. Sweet sweet story. What precious words. Brought tears to my eyes. I pray her desire for the Rescuer does not cease